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Crucial Considerations When Calculating Plastic Injection Mold Costs

If you intend to calculate the cost of plastic injection molding, it helps to recognize the fact that the price stated on the quote is not the only important consideration. Basically, look at the purchase price on top of the enduring costs that will begin to take effect once the mold is deployed and continue being felt during the mold’s remaining life. Many different factors are responsible for these two components of your mold’s total costs.

Here are factors affecting the purchasing costs of an injection mold:

Component Size and Design
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Large molds are needed to create larger parts, leading to greater material costs. Similarly, an intricate mold design is necessary to match intricate component design, which normally increase overall costs. On the contrary, mold design requires less sophistication when the output is also less sophisticated in design, helping lower tool costs.
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Plastic Material Used

You may need to buy a more costly mold for use with certain types of plastics. For example, material that’s volatile, corrosive, or features abrasive substances such as mineral, glass, or carbon fiber may increase mold costs. The same is true for materials that need high mold temperatures. Residual maintenance expenses for the mold may be affected by these variables also.

Part Tolerance Specifications

When tight tolerance is needed for parts being output, extra machining steps will be needed. The costs of maintenance on top of manufacture will consequently increase.

Annual Volume

If you’re buying your mold for high-volume projects (in terms of hours as opposed to number of parts), the tool has to be of high quality to offer reliable service, which certainly will increase its cost. Similarly, the higher the number of cavities in a mold, the higher the cost of manufacturing is.

Cycle Time Preferences

Even cooling is necessary over the entire cavity impression, or in each cavity for multi-cavity equipment if you’re going for swift machine cycles. To achieve that, a proper design for tooling and greater precision build are required, both of which add to tool construction costs, and in some cases, maintenance costs.

Source Country

The country where your plastic injection mold was made can determine the costs and quality you may expect. For instance, cost of injection molding in China might be lower than in other countries. However, consider quality as you evaluate the cost of domestic against outsourced plastic injection molding. To avoid problems that may come with some cheaper molds, you need to balance well considerations such as costs, quality, and your specific needs before making a final decision.

Do you want to buy low cost injection molding? The above factors will contribute to the overall costs of the tool you buy.

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